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About Air to Air Heat Exchanger
Air conditioning is a concept that satisfies air cooling, heating and ventilating at the same time. In many cases,
however, if you ventilate while heating and cooling, the heated/cooled indoor air will get cold (winter), hot (summer),
leading to an uncomfortable feeling,feeling, not to mention economic loss of valuable energy.
The electric heat exchangerwas developed to solve these two problems at the same time.
It is an air to air heat recovery ventilation system that recovers the heating and cooling energy supplied inside the room which is lost during ventilation. Through this bidirectional ventilation system, the indoor contaminated air is discharged while fresh outside air is simultaneously supplied in to the room.
Air to Air Heat Exchanger Principle
Electric Heat Exchanger is structured with cross flow type plate which is made of specially processed paper functioning as a partition plate, always supplies fresh air by completely separating the air supply and exhaust passages. Also by utilizing the heat transfer and moisture permeability of the specially processed paper, heat transfer (temperature and humidity) can be efficiently exchanged when the air is supplied and exhausted through the ventilation system.
Air to Air Heat Exchanger effect
Construction Case
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